Brisbane’s Eternal Weekend – Eternal Weekend, But Not How You Know It.

You may have heard of Queensland as home of the Great Barrier Reef – two thousand kilometres of what is undoubtedly natural beauty at its finest. You may have sunk a XXXX tinny and wondered where that precious taste of froth came from (I’ll give you a hint – Queensland). You may have even heard of our State of Origin team that went 8 series in a row – no dingo is taking that baby away from us. But now we’re just getting off topic.

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CBR MTG has a new logo!

Over the last year our brand has gone through so much change and so much growth as we worked on our identity- we began regularly commentating, streaming and reaching out to other local Australian content creators. Through this, we have used one of the most iconic symbols of Canberra, the Royal Bluebell, as our logo because it is part of our identity.
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