GP Melbourne 2018 Fact Sheet

You’re heading to GP Melbourne – congratulations!

First off, a moment for those who couldn’t get the weekend off / got called into work / had prior commitments planned that just don’t give the feels that a GP weekend provides. Unlike Dan Lanthier cheating on camera [twice?! Come on mate] there will be more Grand Prix experiences in the near future.

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Magic vs. The Gathering: Having a Hobby in a Competitive Card Game

In the last month, WotC made it very clear of the direction they want to take with Magic: the Gathering. MTG Arena is in open beta with the marketing and promotion of some kind of new sliced bread factory, proving the casual audience is where money is best spent. At least, that’s what I thought up until today.

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Name a Card: A Comprehensive Guide to Memeing your Opponent

Wizards have made an important change to the Comprehensive Rules for Guilds of Ravnica that cannot go unnoticed. As of 28th September 2018, you can name ANY CARD in Magic history when a spell requires you to name a card. Now cards like Pithing Needle, Cabal Therapy and Tainted Pact have their fullest potential unlocked and I couldn’t be more excited to meme my opponent.

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Lazy Sunday Legacy – Ballin’ on a Budget

This may be the first time you are hearing this and I’m sorry you have to hear it from me, but cards on the Reserve List are E X P E N S I V E. Eternal players and collectors alike are divided on what the future of what Magic should look like but no matter what your stance, Mark Rosewater’s unyielding conviction proves that the RL is not going away any time soon. Continue reading “Lazy Sunday Legacy – Ballin’ on a Budget”

Lazy Sunday Legacy – Innovation in a Solved Format

Banned and Restricted announcement is in a couple of days and there is mostly talk about further unbannings in Modern, but murmurs of Deathrite Shaman getting pushed out of Legacy are growing ever present. Will the 25th Anniversary Team Trios Pro Tour in 3-5 August 2018 give WoTC the push they need to talk about the Legacy? Continue reading “Lazy Sunday Legacy – Innovation in a Solved Format”