Budget to Tiered – Burn to UR Delver

On this edition of Budget to Tiered, we’re walking through the first step of playing with Force of Will in Legacy: Burn to UR Delver.

I originally wanted to tackle UB Death’s Shadow to something, but it was hard to find a list to build that wouldn’t take either more time or more money. That, and the fact that I held off on writing this piece last time because there’s already a very good article called Burn to Delver. As I’ve previously mentioned in the Reddit comments on my last write up, that was the article that got me into Legacy, and I’ve never looked back. I didn’t want to rip off, but I did want to update, as that article is about two-and-a-half years old, and lots has changed.

With a staggering price difference of about $1,500-1,600, you might find it intimidating to buy 2 Duals and 4 Force of Wills. However, there’s a way to balance this out. I will attempt to guide you over 6 months into good card buying decisions and adequate deck choices for about $250-350 per month to get you into a deck that’s arguably better than the first in terms of results, and absolutely better in terms of branching out.

Month 0 – $98
Buying into Burn

Click Here for the List

For less than $100, you’re able to get a deck that is outright able to pressure many top tier decks with it’s pure speed and consistency. Burn is serious business, and after you learn to play the deck, you should have no problem putting up results at FNMs and other low level events. A quick list with 8 “anti-cantrip” cards in Eidolon and Pyrostatic Pillar, and roughly a million Bolt effects, this is pretty much the most budget that Burn can get. The most you sacrifice with this list is no Goblin Guides, and that’s because they don’t transition over to UR Delver, so, rather than have you drop $80 on a playset, we’ll just let it slide with some Flame Rifts.

Month 1 – $200-225
Let’s Fetch some Lands

-4 Mountain
+2 Scalding Tarns
+2 Red Fetches
ALSO BUY – 3 Blue Fetches

Starting off with fetchlands is never a bad idea; the cards themselves inherently retain value, stop soft locks from Jaceand they allow you to colour fix… later on… I promise. The real non-negotiable fetch out of this month is the pair of Scalding Tarns. We’ll finish that set next month, but it’s incredibly valuable to UR Delver as – well – a blue and red deck. I know they’re expensive, but they’re worth it.

Month 2 – $250-275
Helping Games 2 & 3

-2 Mountain, -1 Skullcrack, -4 Searing Blood
+2 Scalding Tarns, +1 Forked Bolt, +2 Surgical Extraction, +1 Grim Lavamancer, +1 Grafdigger’s Cage
ALSO BUY – 1 Force of Will

By far the worst thing about our budget list is the sideboard, but not anymore. A slight overhaul to our mono-red deck sees 2 Surgical and a Grafdigger’s Cage, which will help out our combo matchup, as well as help vs UWx Control behind the back of Grim Lavamancer. A single Forked Bolt in the main is an easy move to ensure our UR Delver list is coming in nicely.

Lastly, you should buy Force of Will this month… not for the deck yet, as we are still a couple months away from actually playing a Delver list, but mostly because this month wasn’t in our range otherwise. Remember, we never want to get old cards (Duals, Forces, etc) at full price. It’s totally possible to find a heavy played Force for $50, even in 2018!

Month 3 – $300-350
It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here


No List Changes
ALSO BUY – 1 Volcanic Island

Again, say it with me – “Never pay full price for duals.” Now that we got that out of the way, let’s address the elephant in the room: Volcanic’s are really expensive – well, any blue dual is these days. But, look on the bright side: You own a blue dual! And that’s super cool! With one Volcanic Island in your collection, you’re one month away from being able to sleeve up Delvers and Brainstorms. Wait, you haven’t bought any yet? Oh yeah –

Month 4 – $200-250
A Whole New World

Click Here for the List

+2 Spell Pierce, +3 Force of Will, +4 Delver of Secrets, +2 Soul-Scar Mage, +3 Stormchaser Mage, +1 Risk Factor, +4 Ponder, +4 Brainstorm, +2 Preordain, +1 Pyroblast

Instead of listing the things to take out and what to move to the sideboard, I’ve decided to make a “Halfway” list where you can see what has been moved to where. We’re down a lot of outright burn spells in Lava Spike and Rift Bolt, but up in card advantage with Ponder and Preordain, plus finishing out the set of Force of Wills allows us to have a much easier time vs Unfair decks. Pretty standard board that will not change throughout the next two months sees another counter in Pyroblast, as well as some of our previous maindeck burn in Sulfuric Vortex and Price of Progress. We’d rather have beaters in Game 1, so these sideboard pieces often come in 2 or 4 at a time. Some of my first outs are Soul-Scar Mage vs UWx Control for REB & Pyroblast, and Spell Pierces for Pyrostatic Pillars in most Delver matches.

Month 5 – $300-350
The Pair is Complete


-1 Mountain
+1 Volcanic Island

A second Volcanic lets you have more consistency with your 1 land 1 mana action hands; plus, it’s really cool to say you own a pair of duals.

Month 6 – $50-75
Waste Away with Me

ur delver
Click Here for the List

-2 Mountain
+2 Wasteland

And with the last bit of the budget, boom: you now own UR Delver!

Now that we’ve gotten to UR Delver, there’s a lot of deck options to branch to. To represent this, I’d like to take this series on a Delver spin; a few weeks of “UR Delver to X.” Could be Grixis, BUG, RUG, or Jeskai Delvers, or any other deck, like Sneak and Show and Miracles. So, let me know (either in the comments here, on Reddit, or on Twitter) what you’d like UR Delver to evolve into next time – and then we’ll start over the next article for another UR Delver to X, until I feel like we’ve exhausted the popular options.


Daniel Darity

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