GP Melbourne 2018 Fact Sheet

You’re heading to GP Melbourne – congratulations!

First off, a moment for those who couldn’t get the weekend off / got called into work / had prior commitments planned that just don’t give the feels that a GP weekend provides. Unlike Dan Lanthier cheating on camera [twice?! Come on mate] there will be more Grand Prix experiences in the near future.

You may be a GP regular, a side event grinder, a buylist fiend, one of those players who 0-1 drops every event, someone just wanting to catch up with interstate friends in the community, or this could just be your first Magic the Gathering Grand Prix experience. No matter who you are, this is for any and all Melbourne GP attendees.

The Event Details.

What: A Sealed Magic the Gathering GP based in Melbourne, Australia

Format: Main Event is Sealed so I can’t actually tell right now

When: Friday 16th – Sunday 18th of November.

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre [A different venue to last year]

Exhibition Centre
Image above of the MCEC is linked to Google Maps. You’re welcome.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall Hours

Friday: Open from 10:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday: Open from 8:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday: Open from 8:00am – 9:00pm

When’s the last chance I can sign up for the main event?

ONLINE: You can register online for GP Melbourne’s main event up until 9:00pm Friday.

ON-SITE: On-site registration for the main event will be available on Friday from 11:00am – 9:00pm (or until it sells out).

NOTE: You won’t be able to sign up to the GP on the same day as the main event!

I’m not a big fan of sealed – is it worth going to a GP without playing the main event?

Hell yeah, it is. The main event of a GP is only a part of what goes on during the 3-day weekend of enjoyment (and a big reason Wizards has changed the name of a GP to Magic Fest – obviously a partnership with the Edinburgh International Magic Festival). Are you a Pauper, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Highlander, or draft player? There is a good variety of events for you to take part in throughout each day that can earn you tickets for the prize wall!

Here is the full list of events during the weekend of GP Melbourne.

People call Legacy a dying format – Channel Fireball has at least 3 big Legacy side events INCLUDING a double up (double prizes) event every day! Take that Death!

Image may contain: one or more people and crowd

I’ve never played at a GP! How do I deal with competitiveness?

Honestly, some people will try and rules-bully you, but play smart, play at a reasonable pace and you’ll be fine.

If you miss a trigger, you’ve missed a trigger. If you have a query; call a Judge! If you have a concern; call a Judge! The Judges are there to help and assist, use them whenever in doubt.

If you’re wanting to make sure you’re in the right zone once pairings for Round 1 have been posted, make sure you’ve read some of Channel Fireball’s content about the sealed environment.

“There is no such thing as a stupid question, all questions lead to enlightenment” – Dr. Carl

What do I bring to a MTG GP?

No automatic alt text available.

Great question, as you don’t want to be under-prepared but you also don’t want to carry around a backpack full of untouched items.

  • Lifepad [Small notebook] and Pens. Yes pen(s). Nothing worse than your pen running out of ink faster than the life-total you’re desperately trying to stop leaking.
  • Dice – If you’re playing in the main event you never know when dice may be needed, otherwise I’m sure you know if your side event constructed deck does need dice. No one is hated more than a dice-less player playing with cards needing dice.
  • Deck / Deckbox – If you’re playing in a sealed or draft event, you might get a deckbox as part of your entry fee, but if not, you’ll need something to carry your cards around in. Otherwise, for side events players, you’ll need your deck and deckbox. Make sure to travel light where possible – you may not need that extra 50 card ‘maybe sideboard’ pile.
  • Decklist – A little different when the format for the GP is sealed, but make sure you’ve read your decklist a few times through before submitting it. Don’t be like me and get game loss during a GP round 1 bye. Long story.
  • Playmat – There’s nothing worse that playing on a surface that’s dirty or wet so luckily you’ve read this and brought your playmat to the GP. Great job! Next.
  • Trade Binder – I’m going to tell you now that this is an option. You’re never going to trade as much as you think you are unless you’ve come to the GP purely to trade. But hey, you might even be able to take your binder to a vendor to rip out all its value and give you cash on the spot or even more value in store credit! Pst. MTGMate give EXTRA value if you opt for store credit!
  • Water Bottle – This is a no-brainer. Keeping your fluids up during the day is going to help you stay focused and help you and your mind last the day.

    Fact: 70% of our brain is water. Look at that – brain facts in an MTG GP Guide.

  • Snacks – No, not chocolate. Good snacks like nuts, maybe some fruit, maybe a Granola bar that doesn’t resemble a Snickers bar on ingredients. I don’t want to ‘Mum’ you, but nuts, fruit and a sandwich during the day is going to do a ton of unseen work on the inside to help you last longer than the 15-minute high you got from that $5.00 Snickers from the canteen. Bring your food so you not only have complete choice of what you eat but also what you pay for it.
  • Wallet – Yeah, thanks – that’s really helpful. BUT WAIT. DO YOU USUALLY NOT CARRY CASH?! A-HA! Make sure you bring some cash to the GP just in case something goes wrong, you want to buy some cards for cash, or give an artist a tip.
  • Cards for Artists to sign / Alter – If you do find that an artist you like is attending, make sure you put your cards aside to bring along and get signed / altered by them!
  • External Battery Charger – GPs are long days. You may find yourself watching YouTube or Twitch for a little longer than expected and might be running out of battery fast. If you have the luxury of an external battery charger, bring it along! Just don’t forget the right cord for your device.
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel – Just a small one but boy it does work wonders. Just ate something that’s now covered your hands? BOOM: SANITISED! Got something on your hands from touching a table? ZOOOSH! SANITISED!

NOTE: However AFTER ALL THIS BRILLIANT INFORMATION if you signed up for a package that gives you some merchandise on-site, you don’t need to bring your own from home!

Public Service Announcement.

It’s sad to have to say this but please watch your items at all times. A good tip is to always put your bag in front of you between your legs when you’re playing a game of Magic. This way no one can sneak a peak into your bag – and, worse – take something without you knowing.

For further information, check out the Channel Fireball Melbourne GP website, the Australia GP Facebook group or CBR MTG for all the lastest Australian Magic News content.


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