Lazy Sunday Legacy – Innovation in a Solved Format

Banned and Restricted announcement is in a couple of days and there is mostly talk about further unbannings in Modern, but murmurs of Deathrite Shaman getting pushed out of Legacy are growing ever present. Will the 25th Anniversary Team Trios Pro Tour in 3-5 August 2018 give WoTC the push they need to talk about the Legacy?

Streaming Legacy Muldrotha at 7pm Australian EST Sunday 1st July on

The 25th Anniversary Pro Tour is next month and people are sleeving up their Deathrites and Brainstorm because for the first time in seven years WoTC is giving Legacy a third of the main stage, which is probably about as good as we are going to get. WoTC are playing with fire here, with the recent-ish buyout of the Reserve List cards Legacy is as expensive and therefore inaccessible as it has ever been. If the people who get paid to play magic find out that Lands is the best deck in the format and new players want to jump in and test out the format, they will quickly find out that maybe paying +$5k for a tier deck is not right for them.

WoTC do not give too much spotlight to Legacy on the Grand Stage and it’s reasonable to do so for the 25th anniversary but what does this mean for the banlist? The B&R announcement will be made on the 2nd July and this is the last chance for WoTC to shake things up in Legacy before the PT. This is a very exciting prospect because combos that were good once upon a time but would not be good today actually have a chance of being released from the shackles of the banlist. I for one would love to see Earthcraft + Squirrels nest combo on footage.

Sometimes however just to be safe, WoTC go the exact opposite direction and make further bans. If that is the case, I think we know what is going to be on the chopping block. Deathrite Shaman has been hotly contended as the first card that should be banned and it’s possible that is the right move, but on the other hand Brainstorm and DRS have the same position in the Legacy: cards that define the format. If that is a bad thing is up to you to decide but whether or not it belongs in Legacy will be made clear soon enough.

If there are no bannings and Legacy stays the same for the PT then you can expect the professional magic players to “solve” it and it’s not completely unlikely that the Top 8 will consist of 3 different decks and Legacy will be buried forever. It’s very rare new cards will make a splash in a solved format but the Internet will find a way to at least try to jam new cards into old decks, with mixed results. Some cards may never make it into new decks but by gum we have to try.

Screenshot-2018-7-1 Muldrotha's Image Visual Deck View

With the help of some delightful Legacy players in Brisbane, Australia and this deck tech. We have come up with this list. Sticking with our theme of the stream (any cards, any deck, 350tix limit) we have cobbled together this list. We will go through the deck tech tonight but all you need to know now is with a BUG shell, any combo is possible~

Once again, we will be testing out Muldrotha’s Image on Lazy Sunday Legacy on the 10/07 at 7pm Aus EST. So tune in and we will catch up then.

Angus McKay

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