Lazy Sunday Legacy – A Rising Tide

A previously Tier 1.5 deck that has fallen by the wayside, can High Tide still fish up results?

Streaming Legacy Hightide at 7pm Australian EST Sunday 10th June on

Anyone who knows me knows me or my work knows that I love combo decks; most of the decks I’ve ever played included some matter of two card combos: Entomb plus Reanimate, Painter’s Servant plus Grindstone, Cabal Therapy plus… Veteran Explorer. In the month since I’ve started streaming I’ve had some wild requests for decks to play and combos to try to pull off but we’ve never even considered the Mono Blue Ancestor of Combo – High Tide.

High Tide Deck Primer can be found here

High Tide was once making Top 8’s everywhere before it eventually fell out of popularity as the favourite “rouge-but-pretty-competitive” combo deck. Many could speculate what cause this deck to fade into obscurity but between the banning of Sensei’s Divining Top in April 2017 and the reserve list buyout affecting Candelabra of Tawnos price it’s pretty safe to say that it’s just harder to compete in the current Legacy meta without access to the these crucial pieces.

candel stocks
Source: MTG Stocks

So, where to from here? Well recent “Normandy Magic Club Legacy Event” champion Adrien Loizel made waves with his version of High Tide on the 26/05. How does this compare to lists we’ve seen in the past?


The first notable difference between this and Feline Longmore’s last recorded Top 8 at the SCG Legacy Open in Atlanta in 2014 is Adrien is only playing one Candelabra, replacing with the much cheaper option of more Turnabouts and a single Pore Over the Pages. Despite being under-powered compared to the Candelabra, this seems to be a reasonable replacement. Something that also caught my eye was the two-of Sapphire Medallion. We have seen Ruby Medallion in Legacy before in the budget Mono Red Storm as a four-of so perhaps the imitation Moxen have a real chance of being a mainstay in Legacy’s future? Almost certainly but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Once again, we will be testing out Adrien’s list on Lazy Sunday Legacy on the 10/06 at 7pm Aus EST. Please tune in and we will catch up then.

Angus McKay

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