Lazy Sunday Legacy – Innovation in a Solved Format

Banned and Restricted announcement is in a couple of days and there is mostly talk about further unbannings in Modern, but murmurs of Deathrite Shaman getting pushed out of Legacy are growing ever present. Will the 25th Anniversary Team Trios Pro Tour in 3-5 August 2018 give WoTC the push they need to talk about the Legacy? Continue reading “Lazy Sunday Legacy – Innovation in a Solved Format”

Poll Open! Sunday 7pm Australian EST Stream

Catch Angus McKay ( on stream this Sunday evening playing some Legacy ACTION.


Cancon Modern Event – Meta Breakdown and Decklists

Cancon is a table top gaming convention in Canberra, Australia; hosted in part by The Games Capital, this convention has been going for 10+ years and this year CBR MTG has the chance to provide coverage of the top 8 of Modern. Modern top 8 footage will be posted to mid next week, until then let’s look at the meta report. Continue reading “Cancon Modern Event – Meta Breakdown and Decklists”